.uncertainty. - .artimu. Çevrimiçi Sergi Alanı

once upon a time people used to be afraid,
of sleeping,
of waking up,
of not being able to sleep,
of not waking up,
not seeing what it saw before, not seeing again what it had seen,
of afar,
but most of all, of the one right next to it.
in those times it prevented itself,
from loving,
from hugging,
from what is said,
and from itself.
neither outside nor inside, its aim was neither to seek nor to find itself.
in order not to encounter itself suddenly somewhere, it even has hidden itself from itself;
behind doors, screens, memories, so that it was never been found.
one morning, as the day rises, a voice has been heard all over the planet
while every spoken was a superstition, every spoken was real.
this voice voiced the unsaid and the unheard of, deeply.
those who heard it became blind, could not see neither the sky nor the sea again,
those who felt imagined this blinding voice, accompanied it, they said what came from within themselves


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prof. dr. özlem oğuzhan