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about us

the game is set again and again.

For a long time, we had been hearing the footsteps of what was coming. The posthumanist age, advancing with nano-bio-info-cogno (nbic) technologies have been converged, began to determine our relationship with reality and therefore all kinds of our understanding of life. however, we did not expect this transformation to land suddenly in the middle of our lives this hard. without waiting for an invitation, we joined the game during corona days.

As Istanbul Medeniyet University, Visual Communication Design Department, we grasp the touch of this transformation on us as a kind of effect and we designed .artimu. observing the situation we are in, we decided to share the opportunities and possibilities of interaction. We wanted to participate in the process and had a say in setting of new the play as an actor in order to exhibit our works and create a collaborative space in this online gallery. While determining our aim as “opening more space for art and design”, we also designed .artimu. as a public space as much as the online environment allows. for this reason, we set out with the intention of recalling the concept of "public space", which has already fallen into disrepute in the discussions of "transparency", "private space", "privacy" and "elitism" -with its pretensions- because this concept is located on the bases of the transformation.

In addition to the existing conditions and the transformation we have been experiencing, we designed the sharing and interaction space we dreamed of with .artimu. and we drew the following framework:

  • There is no restriction or obligation regarding time, space and identity in interacting with .artimu..
  • International and national, solo and group exhibitions will be announced regularly and the gallery is open to your suggestions within a certain curation.
  • we would like to emphasize that .artimu. will be proud to welcome young artists and designers. .
  • It will be sufficient for us to meet with the artists and designers who want to be participants, to share the information on the participation form with us and to send them back to us via artimu@medeniyet.edu.tr.
  • In terms of its structural features, .artimu. is constantly reconfigurable simultaneously with the developments in new media technologies. thus, it is a formation that can harmonize with other types of technologies and fields of study, eclectic and celebrates interdisciplinarity.
  • As a result, it is a space fort he ones who tries to understand and explain, and produce the face of life and themselves.
  • submitted works will be shared on open platforms (instagram, youtube, twitter, website etc.). therefore, our cooperation with the participants will continue in the fields that .artimu. is related to.

join the game!

prof. dr. özlem oğuzhan