.journey. - .artimu. Çevrimiçi Sergi Alanı

if what you see is muddy and there is no distance to stare,
if familiar scents burn you and every breath you take stifles your hope,
if there is a big gap left from the story you wrote to convince yourself,
inevitably begins the journey.
if what's in your palm is too small to be seen on the mountain of your dreams,
if your own heels have not passed through the love you’ve given,
if colors have taken refuge in the most secluded corners everywhere,
in this tale, the only consolation told to you is tons of gray.
the journey begins with the first step to the threshold: dare to dare!
from the inside out, or further inward from Me.
you have to either run or stop
to go and
to reach at the self.


invites you to hit the road with courage!

join the game!

prof. dr. özlem oğuzhan