.istanbul. - .artimu. Çevrimiçi Sergi Alanı

in the capital of life,
in an endless loop
but definitely at a sunset!
if you haven't questioned the meaning of life, which is flowing, by the Bosphorus,
what we are going to tell here is not for you at all.
because Istanbul is a kind of mirror, showing the selves to the selves.
sometimes we can't get enough of looking, sometimes we break it with our hands.
maybe already cracked.
a breath... that we take deeply and never let it all out.
a mischievous smile between lips that neither fully open or close,
we bent our heads so that they would not see.
a longing, perhaps the most missed when you are inside!


invites you to tell İstanbul and to hold a mirror.

join the game!

prof. dr. özlem oğuzhan