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First, the conversations were extinguished.
Soon after, the gondolas kept on the coffee table to fuel the conversation began to be sold at the flea market.
The plates circulating between the apartments have already stopped.
The slipper of the girl who went to buy bread for the neighbor fell silent,
then the familiar postmen were replaced by cargo bags.
Buildings stretched out, houses crumbled.

it was almost as if a giant swallowed us and after, all these happened.
Now the meaning of house is its functionality,
its temperature is the task of the boiler.
only the prices are discussed, in real estate offices that are difficult to pronounce.
Fortresses of solitude are built in houses that consisted of entering and exiting for basic needs;
On the same sofas, with the same glasses, while drinking the same drinks, the same sentences are uttered: I'm out of here!

well, what is a house?

While the physical distance that we cannot establish in crowds has become socially acceptable...
the voice we hear is an argument behind the neighbour wall; while the light we see is reflected from the window of the apartment in front of us…
show me, what is a home?

artimu proudly invites you to reflect on the meaning of home and repeat the same question in your mind: what is home?

join the game!

prof. dr. özlem oğuzhan