.boredom. - .artimu. Çevrimiçi Sergi Alanı
i neither hear nor feel
every morning with this bag, which I'm not quite sure belongs to me,
i go to the same place, the same road, and return to the same place.
sounds and words just hum.
others come, go, run and talk,
there are also callers,
i don't look, i don't even turn my head.
my numb mind is throwing me out of the story again.
i have never understood, now I'm not even trying.
what happens happens… what happens, happens to those who can see.
sometimes happiness, sometimes despair surrounds
it does not matter to me, life easy comes but does not go easily!
it's like i'm slowly evaporating
from everything i touch.
may be I'm looking back a bit, every moment of it is a pixelated photograph,
waiting for a filter to land on an account.
the sun is rising, i look into the night.
my gaze floats, cunningly dancing with the screen lights
but nowhere to reach.
one up, one down… swipe right or left,
my luck is getting nowhere, Saturn has forgotten me!
i walk but I stop.
i know, but I keep silent.
my eyes are currently out of service.
i wish it had a meaning
i would like have to dream of going far away,
while throwing stones into the sea on the beach.
i don't know if there is such a thing as "myself" had left behind me.
.artimu. invites you to visualize the concept of “BOREDOM” (*Georg Simmel) which is an ancient concept of sociology.
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prof. dr. özlem oğuzhan